Panchine (benches) al Public Design Festival di Milano

raumlabor presents the CROSSING PATH SUPER BENCH at the Public Design Festival in Milano
12.4 - 17.4 2011 - Cavalcavia E. Bussa - http://www.publicdesignfestival.org/
organized by Esterni
supported by the Goethe Institut Milano
OPENING: Tuesday 12th April 2011, h. 18:00 Milan, Cavalcavia E. Bussa
Lecture by BEPPE SEBASTE: Thursday 14. at 18:00

The author and journalist Beppe Sebaste will talk about benches and read from his book:
"Panchine. Come uscire dal mondo senza uscirne"
(Benches. How to ecape from the world without to escape)
2009 Ed. Laterza, ISBN: 9788842086338
"...... for me it was interesting to observe how a poetical object is transformed into a social object, or even a place of conflicts and that today (the bench) became a symbol of cultural resistance, of the liberation of space and time, especially in a public sense ..."

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Anonimo ha detto...

Dai Beppe, spiega chiaramente a quei buzzurri come deve essere una panchina!

Beppe Sebaste ha detto...

heheheh, ciao Lucilla, grazie di cuore della spinta... un abbraccio